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Flyway 90

The FlyWay 90 Trap is the only clay pigeon thrower in its class that allows you to throw singles or doubles as a true pair.  Whether its at your house, cabin, or lodge; our Flyway 90 is designed to elevate your shooting experience to an exciting new level! Specs 90 Clay Target Feeder 2.5 Second Recycle Time Singles Doubles as a...

USA Clay Trap Wireless Remote and Wobbler Kit Inc.

Our USA Clay Trap was built with the USA Clay Target League in mind. Out of the box, this trap combo comes with a wireless remote and wobbler kit allowing the shooter to exactly emulate competition shooting.  The wobbler kit will throw side to side just like a trap house and if you’re feeling like shooting sporting clays, switch the...

Flyway 180x

The FlyWay 180x offers shooters our largest capacity to date. Holding a whopping 180 clays, this turret style thrower will ensure the fun continues longer than ever before. 180 Clay target feeder 2.5 Second recycle time Includes Wobbler Includes WIRELESS REMOTE 15’ Foot pedal release cord 2-wheeled cart for mobility Integrated cord wrap keeper COMPATIBLE with SmartShot      PRODUCT MANUAL...

Flyway 4x4

The Flyway 4x4 has been designed to make moving your trap as effortlessly as possible and helps keep everything you need in one convenient place.  The rugged powder-coated steel “Clay Flyer Cart” is tough enough to carry all your gear out to the range and comes complete with a 60-Clay Auto Trap, Wobbler Kit, Wireless Remote, and the convenient “Tray...

8" AR500 Steel Target

The High Caliber 8" AR500 Steel Target allows you to practice you shot and increase your accuracy by providing instant feedback with both audible and visual responses when struck.  Its been built to last with 3/8" AR500 class steel completely powder-coated to provide years of functionality and ensure a long life. Rate for 9mm to 30.06 caliber firearms, a great optoin for...

Air Gun Target Package

Enjoy the ultimate backyard air gun target package at 20% off with Free Shipping! Each package comes with our top selling air gun targets! Each package comes with: 1 - .177 Single Tree Spinner1 - .177 Double Tree Spinner1 - .177 Triple Tree Spinner1 - Airgun Pro Auto Reset 5 Target1 - Pellet Gun Mini Gong with Stand

.22 Cal Target Package

Turn your weekends into some serious fun with our .22 Cal Target Package! Whether you're shooting .22 rifles or pistols, these targets are a blast to shoot and will keep not only you but anyone with you entertained for hours! Package Includes: 1 - .22 Auto Reset1 - .22 Cow Bell1 - .22 Dialed Spinner1 - .22 Dueling Tree1 -...

High Caliber Target Package

Take your big game shooting practice to the next level with this complete target package! With targets ranging in size from just 4" to 14" you can set these up at various distances to take your shooting to the next level! Package Includes: 1 - Auto Reset 9mm - 30.06 Target1 - 3D Prairie Dog Self Healing Target1 - High...

Great Big Gong Show 14"

Handles Thousands of Rounds Target Reseals Itself After Bullet Passes Through Bullet impact spins target around the base – no need to reset Light Weight Yet Sturdy Material Longer Life Technology Rated For all Calibers .22 – .50 Cal. Rifles and Pistols Larger impact seal targets can be used as a paper target backer

Clay Cannon

The Clay Cannon is the first ever clay pigeon hand thrower / launcher that will throw a mix of clay pigeons at one time in almost any direction you aim. It can handle multiple clays stacked/nested, or even 2 Midi or 2 Mini clay pigeons side-by-side. For the first time ever it is now as much fun to throw clay...

Auto Reset 9M – 30.06 Handgun To High Caliber

Take your shooting sessions to a whole new level of excitement and efficiency. Key Features: Auto Resetting Action: Get ready for non-stop fun! Each target in the system spins and automatically resets to an upright position upon bullet impact. Say goodbye to manual resetting and enjoy continuous shooting. Safety and Stability: Our target system is designed with your safety in...

FlyWay One HD Clay Pigeon Thrower

The FlyWay One HD allows the thrower/shooter to throw their clay target birds hands free. Featuring our full cock throwing head, this thrower allows for an easy loading experience. It totes a Heavy-Duty frame for a steady, consistent, and long lasting shooting experience. Heavy Duty Durable Frame Unmatched Stability Ergonomic Foot Release Pedal Full Cock Trap Head 3 Adjustable Angles...

Handgun Dueling Tree

The Handgun Dueling Tree is a Range Ready Target are for the serious shooting enthusiast. Create the look and feel of a three-gun range with our Dueling Tree into your own back yard.Tension Lock Technology™ Our PATENTED Tension Lock design prevents target flap by locking down the target when struck. Tension Lock Technology™ Solid steel construction Extra springs included Deflection...

.22 Double Tree Spinner

Double stacked paddle-style .22 caliber spinning target.  Easily thread target into most woods and let the plinking fun begin. Easily threads into most woods for quick setup. Hitting target will provide plinking sound feedback. Perfect for .22 caliber rifles and pistols. 2.5 and 1.75 stacked spinning paddle.

.22 Triple Tree Spinner

3 single paddle-style .22 caliber spinning target. Easily thread target into most woods and let the plinking fun begin.Easily threads into most woods for quick setup. Hitting target will provide plinking sound feedback. Perfect for .22 caliber rifles and pistols. 3 individual targets 2.5", 2.0", and 1.5" spinning paddles KYL (Know Your Limits) Style Shooting Target

The 3D Prairie Dog Self Healing Target

The Impact Seal 3D Prairie Dog is a realistic target constructed of technologically advance material. The bullet passes through the self-healing target with minimal damage. Its rugged enough to handle the repeated punishment from all calibers of rifles and handguns. The sturdy stand gives you a solid base with ground spikes for added stability. The steel spring allows the target...