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Create A Routine To Maximize Scores


 How many times have you gone out clay target shooting and forgot glasses, a box of shells, powerade zero or one of your essentials for on the line? 

Chances are, everyone has forgotten something at some time at home or in the vehicle. 

Several years ago, we developed what we call “your shooting recipe” which simply stated is what you need mentally and physically to continually shoot at the top peak of your abilities. It encompasses everything from meals and hydration to all the gear you use, and how to prepare mentally when you're going out shooting. You may think of something as minor, but it’s a series of small things that can make a big impact, and certainly make a difference in your confidence and mental mindset. 


In this article I want to take a section of “your shooting recipe” and talk about why it is important, and how we can improve your shooting from it. Let’s dive in!


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