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Best Clay Pigeon Thrower

To take your shooting experience to the next level, it's essential to choose the right clay pigeon thrower and maximizing your clay pigeon throwing. Clay pigeon shooting is a thrilling sport that requires skill, precision, and the right equipment. We're going to explore a variety of clay pigeon thrower styles, ranging from high-capacity turret-style machines to convenient handheld options. By understanding the features and benefits of each style, you can make an informed decision and enhance both your shooting skills and overall enjoyment of the sport.

Turret Style Clay Pigeon Throwers

 If you're looking for a high-capacity clay pigeon thrower, the turret-style options are worth considering. Our Flyway 180x throwers can hold a whopping 180 pigeons, ensuring you have plenty of targets for continuous shooting. These automatic throwers offer a unique feature called the Wobbler, which adds variety to your shooting experience by never repeating the same shot twice. The Wobbler introduces random horizontal and vertical movement to the clay pigeon trajectory, simulating realistic hunting or trap shooting scenarios. This feature challenges your shooting accuracy and adaptability, making it an excellent choice for advanced shooters looking to take their skills to new heights.


Automatic Clay Pigeon Throwers

For those who want convenience and ease of use, our automatic throwers are the ideal choice. Say goodbye to manually arming throwing arms or straining your shoulder while throwing. Our range of automatic throwers caters to different shooting range types. The compact Firefly thrower fits in a bag, allowing you to set up impromptu shooting sessions anywhere. The Flyway 80 comes with wheels for easy mobility, making it perfect for shooters who frequently move between different shooting stations. The USA Clay thrower is another excellent option, complete with the wobbler feature for added challenge and variety. These automatic throwers are designed for reliability, consistency, and efficient target launching, ensuring a smooth shooting experience. Most of throwers have a 2.5 cycle time. They come with foot pedal. The clay tagets are thrown 55 yards. They require a deep cycle battery that is 12-volt. We carry the best throwers on the market. We have throwers that hold 30-180 clays. Perfect for making a sporting clays range!

Manual Clay Pigeon Throwers

If you prefer more control over the trajectory of the clay pigeons or dislike dealing with batteries, our manual throwers offer a range of options. From post-mounted throwers to sit-down manual throwers, you can find the style that suits your shooting preferences. The post-mounted throwers provide stability and consistent throwing motion, allowing you to practice and improve your shooting accuracy. Sit-down manual throwers offer a comfortable shooting experience, especially during long practice sessions. Additionally, we carry two-headed seated manual throwers, allowing you to practice shooting pairs with ease. These manual throwers provide a hands-on shooting experience, making them a popular choice among shooters who enjoy a more traditional approach.

Handheld Clay Pigeon Throwers

For ultimate freedom and portability, our handheld clay pigeon throwers are a game-changer. The Clay Cannon, a spring-loaded thrower, offers lightweight construction and the ability to throw two pigeons simultaneously. With this handheld option, you can practice your shooting skills anywhere, making it a great choice for shooters on the go. The handheld throwers are easy to operate, allowing you to replicate different shooting scenarios and work on your reflexes and target acquisition. They are also suitable for introducing beginners to clay pigeon shooting, providing a user-friendly and accessible experience.

Wobbler Feature

Tired of shooting at fixed positions with stand-alone auto throwers? The wobbler feature adds motion to the thrower, ensuring the clay pigeon comes out at different locations, mimicking real-life hunting or trap shooting scenarios. This feature provides the best practice for improving your shooting accuracy and versatility. By challenging you to adapt to the changing flight path of the clay pigeon, the wobbler feature hones your skills and helps you become a more well-rounded shooter. It introduces an element of unpredictability and excitement, making your shooting


Choosing the right clay pigeon thrower is vital for enhancing your shooting skills and overall experience. Whether you opt for the high-capacity turret style, the convenience of automatic throwers, the control of manual throwers, or the portability of handheld throwers, there is a perfect option for every shooter. Additionally, the wobbler feature adds an element of unpredictability and challenge to your practice sessions. Explore the various styles of clay pigeon throwers available and select the one that aligns with your shooting goals, helping you take your skills to new heights