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  • Bullet Pong Self Healing Target
  • Bullet Pong Self Healing Target
  • Bullet Pong Self Healing Target
  • Bullet Pong Self Healing Target
  • Bullet Pong Self Healing Target

Bullet Pong Self Healing Target


Impact Seal Targets are constructed of technologically advance material. The bullet passes through the self-healing target with minimal damage. This material is rugged enough to handle the repeated punishment from all calibers of rifles and handguns.

The stand provided is 2-3 times thicker and sturdier than that of any comparable targets. While the new stand is a split style, it still holds the highest industry standard in strength while reducing packaging size by almost half. These durable targets are built for long life and countless hours of shooting fun.

  • Handles Thousands of Rounds
  • Target Reseals Itself After Bullet Passes Through
  • Bullet impact spins target around the base – no need to reset
  • Light Weight Yet Sturdy Material
  • Longer Life Technology
  • Rated For all Calibers .22 – .5O Cal. Rifles and Pistols
  • Larger impact seal targets can be used as a paper target backer

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Plinker’s dream

Sitting this little guy out at the 25 and 50 yard ranges yields hours of .22 pistol and rifle fun you can also use 9mm on it but we haven’t used anything stronger on it. It’s taken ~2000 hits and still works like the day we bought it. I’ll buy another one without hesitation if it ever actually breaks.

Kindle Customer
A bullseye!!

A great product and just as advertised. A great plinking target.


Works well a little smaller than expected only shot it a few times with a .22 and 9mm you can see where it hit but you can’t see an exit hole pretty fun target even if it’s only good for a few more shots (which I think it can take a few hundred more) I’d say it’s a fun target for the price. Would definitely hy another and recommend.

Hunter Mills
Good target for $10

I got this to add to my small shooting range at 50 yards. It is much smaller than the picture leads you to believe but I don’t really have a problem with that because it adds a little bit of challenge when shooting at a distance with the .22 and it’s also a challenge when using a handgun. I’ve hit it probably over 200 times now with .22 and probably a 100 times with a 9mm and it’s still holding up fine. It spins good and lets you know when you’ve hit it.

J. Simon
For Airgun use they are awesome but require some modifications. It's worth it!

Best spinner ever for airgunners (.177 rifle and .22 rifle pistols not as much need at least 600 fps I think). STORY: They are too thick for most airguns even 1200 fps ones. But with a sawzall or portaband or just a med/low tpi hack saw you cut it in 1/2 so it's only 1/2 as thick. Then the rounds pass right through essentially no damage. It spins decent on .177 and very well on .22 at 860 fps. I have 3 now love them. Nearly silent as well!