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  • High Caliber Steel Rifle Gong & Stand
  • High Caliber Steel Rifle Gong & Stand
SKU: RR1000

High Caliber Steel Rifle Gong & Stand


This top-of-the-line steel rifle shooting target is specially designed to elevate your marksmanship, whether you prefer close-range handgun practice or challenging long-range shots. Prepare for an unparalleled shooting experience with the High Cal Gong with Stand Included. 

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Caliber Rating: The High Cal Gong is engineered to handle a wide range of calibers, from 9mm up to 30-06. This versatility makes it the ideal target for both handgun enthusiasts and rifle marksmen.

  2. Easy Setup and Takedown: Say goodbye to complicated target setups. The process is quick and straightforward. Spend more time shooting and less time preparing!

  3. Instant Feedback: Enhance your shooting accuracy with immediate feedback. Each time the target is struck, you'll receive both an audible and visual report, allowing you to analyze your performance and fine-tune your skills.

  4. Built to Last: Our gong is crafted with a hardened 3/8” powder-coated steel plate, ensuring unmatched durability even under intense shooting sessions. Count on this target to withstand the test of time.

Take your shooting adventures to new heights with our high caliber steel shooting target. Perfect for recreational shooters, firearm enthusiasts, and professional marksmen, this gong target is the ultimate tool for improving your shooting prowess.

Equip yourself with precision and convenience – order your High Cal Gong - STAND Inc. now and elevate your shooting skills like never before!