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What is a Wobble Trap?

For shooting enthusiasts, mastering a variety of target presentations is essential to honing their skills. However, manually adjusting a clay pigeon thrower to achieve different shooting scenarios can be time-consuming and tedious. That's where a wobbler comes into play. In this blog post, we will dive into the world of wobblers and how they enhance shooting experiences by providing automatic and randomized target positioning.

What is a Wobble Trap?

A wobbler is a motorized accessory designed to augment clay pigeon throwers. Its primary function is to automatically and randomly change the position of each target, ensuring that no two presentations are the same. By introducing unpredictability into the shooting equation, wobblers offer shooters the opportunity to replicate real-life shooting scenarios, including away shots, fast quartering, and passing shots.

Seamless Integration: The wobbler seamlessly integrates with Do All Outdoor's Automatic Traps. This feature ensures compatibility with an existing clay pigeon thrower, making it a convenient upgrade for shooting enthusiasts. Once installed, the wobbler takes charge of target placement, allowing shooters to focus solely on their shooting skills.

Auto Adjustable Wobbler Kit

Range of Motion: The wobbler offers a versatile range of motion, enabling targets to move in different directions. It can sweep horizontally from left to right, covering an impressive 45-degree arc. Additionally, the wobbler provides vertical movement, tilting targets between 15 and 45 degrees upwards or downwards. This dynamic range of motion contributes to the creation of a diverse set of shooting scenarios, effectively challenging shooters to adapt to ever-changing target trajectories.

Auto Adjustable Wobbler Kit

Durable and Weatherproof Construction: Constructed from steel, the wobbler is designed to withstand outdoor conditions. Rain or shine, shooters can rely on its robust build to function consistently and effectively. This durability ensures that the wobbler can accompany shooters in various shooting environments without compromising performance.

Powering the Wobbler: The wobbler operates on a 12-volt power supply. Shooters need to ensure they have a suitable 12-volt battery on hand, as it is not included with the wobbler. This convenient power requirement allows for extended shooting sessions without the need for frequent recharging or power source replacements.

Included Directional Plates: To enhance the shooting experience further, the wobbler comes equipped with Left to Right and Wobble Directional Plates. These plates enable shooters to customize the movement pattern of the wobbler, introducing additional variations in target trajectories. By changing out the plates, shooters can create challenging and realistic shooting scenarios that mimic different types of game birds or simulate specific hunting situations.

Adding a wobbler kit onto a clay pigeon thrower revolutionizes target presentations, injecting excitement and unpredictability into shooting sessions. By automating the target positioning process, shooters can focus on their shooting skills and adapt to ever-changing scenarios. The wobbler's seamless integration, versatile range of motion, durable construction, and directional plates make it an essential accessory for any shooting enthusiast seeking to enhance their training and enjoyment of the sport. So, unleash the challenge and let the wobbler take your shooting experience to new heights.