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The Doubles Game

The ATA Grand American trap shoot is an amazing event for everyone. Thousands of shooters come every year to shoot the 2600+ targets thrown over the preliminary and championship event days. But for me, I have my sights on one event above all of them: the ATA World Doubles Championship. 

This year, I was honored to come home with the Doubles Championship for the second year in a row (2021-2022). This is the first time two doubles championships have been won back-to-back since the 1960’s.  

Every year my brother, Foster, and I do several shooting clinics throughout the US helping kids, parents, coaches, and shooters to learn how to shoot their best in their own way, what we call “your shooting recipe”. While we are doing these clinics, I always have people wanting to learn how to shoot doubles as well. I guess people have heard that doubles are kind of my “thing”, but there are a LOT of ways to shoot doubles, and it mostly comes down to finding the little things that are slowing you down, both mentally and with the actual shooting technique. Here, I will go over some of the most common things that I have people try at my clinics to improve their doubles game.  


Let’s first look at what doubles is compared to singles. Simply put, two targets are thrown at fixed angles; instead of a single, target being thrown at, basically, a random angle. Having the angles fixed for doubles offers us shooters several advantages. The targets should come out in the same place every time, so you can get a really good idea of where that target is going to be when you yell “Pull”. However, timing your shots becomes very important, as you want to shoot both clays before they hit the ground.  


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