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Facing the Future together

Facing the Future together PullUSA Magazine

Each year America's population has become more and more urban, and at the same time, the average age for a hunter or recreational shooter has gone up and up.  As a result, the participation in hunting and shooting sports have continued to decline each year, and that's a problem for conservation efforts, it's a problem for shooting ranges, and it's a problem for the industry as a whole.

The solution to this problem is to introduce new people to these activities, and no organization is doing as much, or ahs been more successful in those efforts than the USA Clay Target League.

All of us at Do All Outdoors have recognized the issues facing the industry, and we wanted the opportunity to give back to our Sport that we are so passionate about.  As the League continues its success in growing high school and collegiate clay target shooting sports programs, a national sponsorship by Do-All Outdoors seemed like the least we could do to help support tens of thousands of student-athletes nationwide.

We cannot be more thrilled to launch our multi-year national sponsorship campaign with the League.  We are excited to help the League provide a safe and fun way to learn about firearm and hunting safety while competing against fellow classmates in an exciting outdoor activity, a lifelong sport they can pass down to their kids and grandkids.

For over 20 years, Do-All Outdoors has proven itself to be a leader by providing innovative gear for the hunter and shooter, and we have a lot of exciting news to share in conjunction with our sponsorship of the USA Clay Target League.  2020 will bring a new look for the Do-All brand along with offering the first-ever handheld clay pigeon thrower, the Clay Cannon.  By Spring, a  USA Clay Target League auto trap will be available at a great price for the backyard shooter that includes a wobbler kit and wireless remote, and our packaging will proudly state our support of the league.

Do All is excited to help spread the word about the USA Clay Target League, and we look forward to seeing you!

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