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    High Caliber Shooter Holiday Gift Guide

    Double Blast High Cal Spinner

    As the bullet strikes the target, the force spins the target around the attachment bar and back to the set position. No need to reset, just place and shoot Reversible targets for longer life Most with four leg support Sturdy steel construction

    The Big Gong Show Self Healing Target

    Impact Seal Targets are constructed of technologically advance material. The bullet passes through the self-healing target with minimal damage. This material is rugged enough to handle the repeated punishment from all calibers of rifles and handguns. The stand provided is 2-3 times thicker and sturdier than that of any comparable targets. While the new stand is a split style, it...

    High Caliber 2-target Steel Gong Stand

    Rated for 9mm up to 30-06, the Range Ready High Caliber Gong is easy to set up and takedown. Shoot it up close with handgun calibers or at long ranges. You will get an audible and visual report when the target is struck. Our two gong stand comes with a hardened 8” by 3/8” and a 4” by 3/8” NM500...